Walczak's Pipes

Up to 50% less water

Benefits of using horizontal corrugated pipes encouraged Andrzej Walczak to apply his innovative idea to central heating solutions installed in greenhouses. On his premises, he uses horizontal corrugated pipes which results in significantly lower central heating costs. The shape of his pipes has numerous advantages, such as an increased heating surface, decreased amount of fluid required, lower weight, better heat distribution( due to the shape of the radiator), lower operating costs.

Reducing the amount of<br>water by half

Reducing the amount of
water by half

Innovative shape of<br>horizontal corrugated pipes

Innovative shape of
horizontal corrugated pipes

Connecting with traditional<br>welding methods

Connecting with traditional
welding methods

Reducing the load on the<br>greenhouse construction

Reducing the load on the
greenhouse construction

A study has been carried out at the Department of Production and Engineering at University of Agriculture in Kraków, in order to measure the efficiency of the pipes. Standard guidelines were applied. The results suggest that Walczak’s pipes show greater thermal efficiency per unit of power. During the study, astandard pipes were compared to the corrugated ones in regard to distribution of heat and termographic analysis. The latter produced better results , with higher temperatures achieved. This lead to the conclusion that Walczak’s pipes distribute more energy through radiation, which proves particularly beneficial when the pipes are used on greenhouse premises. This allows achieving a higher leaf temperature in relation to the plants’ surrounding when heating is used during growing season. The analysis of temperatures measured close to heating elements clearly showed that the distribution of heat stream is more efficient than in traditional pipes. The heat radius proved wider at base and resulted in a wider range of head distribution, whereas air flow of heated air in traditional pipes was narrower and shorter. The study confirmed high heating efficiency of Walczak’s corrugated pipes as well as their usefulness in central heating solutions for heating at ground floor level, from the top, and in heating during growing season. In terms of mechanical endurance, Walczak’s pipes proved more resistant to bending than round shaped ones by 53%. Another advantage is that the innovative shape requires 50%less liquid in comparison to round pipes with the same surface of pipe walls. All this results in decreased operating costs, as well as efficiency as less time is needed to achieve optimum temperatures. Moreover, system inertia is reduced. The new shape allows to save money on electrical bills due to application of thinner pipes in supply pumps, circulating pumps, and smaller circuit pumps.

Horizontal Corrugated pipes put less strain on the structure of greenhouses. Analogically, their installation is much easier. The application of Walczak’s pipes can be used in growing tomatoes, as it allows to increase the width of the field(from 1.6m to 2m) by removal of 2 ground pipes or pipes used for heating during growing season. Also, the decreased surface of Walczak’s pipes allows to use lower medium temperatures, which saves money on operating costs. The innovative solution has a wide range of uses, such as in building radiators, heaters, railings, fence posts and fences, supports for strawberry plants, fence railings in orchards and vineyards. Walczak’s pipes are protected by copyrights.